About Us

We've a team of creative entrepreneurs, who have worked around the world and picked up one thing in common.

How unbelievably archaic recruitment is, and how it hasn't changed in decades.

Now it will.

Our mission to help turn the traditional job ad on its head. We've seen the power of video throughout our careers, and now we're going apply it to job ads.


Our mission

Help ambitious companies find and recruit great talent.

Our promise

Videos that will have candidates hungry to work for you.


What we're NOT

"A one-stop shop", "all things video" or "beautiful videos"


What we are

Super-quick, people-first videos that bring your company to life on screen.

The hey there team

Alex Hamilton

Denym Bird

Serge van Dam


Authentic and compelling, ready-to-publish job, culture or outreach videos filmed and delivered the next day