Our declaration of war

Alex Hamilton

Today, we’re waging a war.

A war that should have been started a long time ago. This isn’t war in the typical sense, but the enemy has been silently winning this war for 20+ years - and you know what, we think it’s time for some change.

Our enemy: Times New Roman, size 12 font and written job advertisements.

Perhaps we aren’t being specific enough here… Our fight is really against the written job adverts, job descriptions and the litany of buzz words, catch-phrases and repetition that fills and surrounds our favourite job sites and marketplaces.

You only have to read through a few job ads or job descriptions for varying roles or industries, and chances are you’ll come across a handful of the same terms and phrases. That’s because, just like their CV counterparts, job descriptions often rely on buzzwords. Phrases like “detail-oriented,” “team player,” and “results-oriented” are common job buzzwords you will come across, regardless of which job the listing is for.

If you have spent any time applying for jobs you will be familiar with what we call “Recruitment Language”. It’s these words, phrases and just general tone that you see in a job advert that you never see in any other environment. Phrases that are used and appear to be crucial to doing the job; but when you show up are never mentioned again.

The harsh reality of it all is that most of what you’re seeing on that job ad or job description is simply just empty business jargon purely designed to bulk out the description and provide additional substance. These phrases are repeated so frequently because it's hard to encapsulate a job, a company, the culture and the desired qualities of an applicant in such a short space all while trying to type it up in our favourite Times New Roman font**.**

So how do you, an employer stand out from your competition, your industry or even any other job out there? And ensure that your job ads capture the essence of not only the job, but also the people, the culture and the company? It’s actually pretty simple.


Look at your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn feeds and you’ll be hard pressed to scroll without seeing an endless stream of video content. In fact, Cisco estimates that 82% of all content created globally will be in the form of videos - largely due in part to the growing trend of user generated content on platforms like Instagram & Tik Tok.

The pandemic has only added fuel to this fire, and the rise of video marketing is probably the only good outcome from the devastating development that stunned the world into inactivity.

You’re probably wondering, why is video the answer to our problem of buzzwords, catch-phrases and business jargon? As humans we remember about 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, but amazingly we remember 70% of what we see & hear in combination.

More importantly though, job postings with video receive a 34% greater application rate, according to CareerBuilder.co.uk.


Consumer consumption of video is drastically increasing too. Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Stats for 2022 show that in 2018, people watched an average of 1.5 hours per day of online video. The 2022 survey shows this has risen to an average of over 2.5 hours per day. Their research also found, people are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content, including social media posts, blog posts/articles and product pages.

Your job ads are a marketing piece for your business, and any great marketer will tell you that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. So, if the applicant is the customer; how can we best convince or persuade them to make the purchase, or in this case take the leap of faith and submit their application? We know video can help.

If the results are so clear cut. Why aren’t more companies using video to recruit great talent? Most commonly it boils down to:

  • It’s expensive.
  • It’s time consuming to produce & companies lack the resource to do it themselves.
  • Long lead times for revisions & edits mean by the time the video comes back - the role has already been hired for.
  • No one else is doing it, why should we?

Talent acquisition and recruiting has been done the same way for the past 20+ years. You write up a job description (usually in Times New Roman), you post it to a few job sites, put it on your LinkedIn and you cross your fingers (your dream candidate stumbles upon it and submits their application. Don’t you think it’s time for a change?

So the question begs…. How well is your company marketing itself to potential applicants?

Hey There is on a mission to revolutionise the way companies go about recruiting great talent. Our mission is to help turn the traditional job ad on its head. We want to help ambitious companies to make hiring and recruiting great talent their superpower.

How are we going to do this you ask? We make super-quick, people-first videos that bring your company, the culture and the role to life on screen. Oh, and it’s super affordable too, just in case you were wondering.

Our promise to you, is that we will create videos that truly reflect the authenticity of your organisation, and that have candidates hungry to work for you.

Ready to take the next step and join the fight to win the war on Times New Roman?

Authentic and compelling, ready-to-publish job, culture or outreach videos filmed and delivered the next day