How we make the world's best job ads, delivered the next day

The Job Journalist is our secret sauce. Our journalists work quickly, but with attention to detail. They take the time to learn about your company, your culture, your mission and understand the roles you're hiring for so that they can craft an authentic, and compelling video that will speak directly to your next hire.

Find a Job Journalist

Fast video, is the best video

Small creative teams work better when they move fast. It means good idea thrive, and bad ones get left behind. Pressure makes diamonds after all.

Our Job Journalists are experts in video production, they're a unique breed who can include you every step of the way (if you want to be) and to make sure that your video is authentic, polished, compelling and true to your brand.

We like to keep it simple,
in a nutshell this is how it works


Start planning

10 minutes

After you click that big purple button, you'll send us all the info we need to make your video the best it can be. Pick the style, tone and feel of your video. Send us the job description, logo, and any other video footage you've done before so we can cut it in.


Job Journalist briefing

1 hour

We select the best job journalist for you, and they do a 1 hour briefing, they will dig deeper into your business, the key leaders and write a script that will bring your company, and the role you're hiring for to life on screen.

They'll also send you a worksheet to complete before your filming day.


Filming day

1-2 hours

Your Job Journalist will come to your office (or filming location) first thing in the morning on your filming day, they'll film everything, and everyone we need for your video.

We'll be in and out before lunch time.


Editing and post production

Our job journalist + post-production team edits and creates your video in the afternoon. Ready to publish the next day.


Final delivery

Before 5pm the next day.

Authentic, ready-to-publish job, culture or outreach videos filmed and delivered the next day