1 day turnaround

We film your video in a day, and deliver it the next.

Our promise

We tell your story, authentically. So that you'll have plenty of candidates interested.


What we're NOT

"A one-stop shop", "all things video" or "beautiful videos"


What we are

Super-quick, people-first videos that bring your company to life on screen.

The world's greatest talent war has begun, and your secret weapon is Times New Roman?





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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deliver these videos in only a day?!

We've honed down the process to making amazing videos down to a fine art. We do all the prep before your filming day. We film bright and early in the morning, so that we're out of your hair by lunch time. Then our editing team takes over, directed by your Job Journalist to edit your amazing people first job video, ready for delivery before lunch time the next day.

What is your process?

We've broken it down into three simple steps (see our process here), pre-production, filming and post-production. Pre-production starts when you reach out to us, we then make sure to 100% understand the job you're hiring for, who your looking for and who we should speak to in your org. We'll give you a worksheet summarising your key points, and a rough script for all who are going to be in your video, and then you'll then book in your filming day, we'll arrive first thing in the morning and be out by lunch time. Then we kick into post-production, where we edit and perfect your video, ready to deliver to you the next day.

How much can I be involved?

Every video is unique, and we want to make sure that yours is true to your brand, business and culture. We involve you in the pre, and production stage to make sure that your vision comes through into the final edit.

Who are you?

We're a team of passionate self-starters based in New Zealand, USA and The Netherlands. We've travelled the world and have seen how unbelievably boring job ads are. So we're looking to change the way we discover, and hire amazing talent - from hunting for talent, to having it attracted to you.

Authentic and compelling, ready-to-publish job, culture or outreach videos filmed and delivered the next day